A man holding a fish in his hands.

Our Stocking Process

The fish stocking process at Beartooth Hatchery begins with the hatching of eggs obtained from Wyoming Game and Fish broodstock. After spawning, the eggs are carefully incubated until they hatch into fry. These fry are then nurtured in specially designed tanks with controlled water quality and feeding schedules to promote their growth and survival. Once they reach the appropriate size, the fish are gently transferred to transportation tanks and are ready for distribution to various lakes and rivers across Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Beartooth Hatchery's fish stocking process plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing aquatic ecosystems in the region. By stocking fish in lakes, rivers, and streams, they contribute to the biodiversity and recreational opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. Additionally, the company actively collaborates with government agencies and local communities to ensure that the fish stocking is done in a sustainable manner, preserving the natural balance of the ecosystem. Through their dedication to quality and conservation efforts, Beartooth Hatchery continues to be a trusted provider of fish in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.