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Spring 2024 Trout Pricing (per 100)

Size: Fingerlings 3” to 5”

Brook : $350
Brown : $375
Snake River Cutthroat : $450
Tiger Trout : $475

Size: 5" - 7"

Snake River Cutthroat:  $550
Tiger Trout: $575

Size: 7” – 9”

Brown: $625
Eagle Lake Rainbow: $595
Snake River Cutthroat: $700
Yellowstone Cutthroat: $700
Tiger Trout: $725

Size: 9" - 11"

Brook: $700
Eagle Lake Rainbow: $695
Kamloops Rainbow: $700

Size: 11" - 14"

Brook: $800
Eagle Lake Rainbow: $795
Kamloops Rainbow: $800
Snake River Cutthroat: $1000

Size: **Jumbo over 14"

Brook: Call for Pricing

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Beartooth Hatchery is a leading provider of commercial river fish for stocking purposes. We specialize in hatching and raising a diverse range of trout and other species found in Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana. Our hatchery utilizes time tested facilities and best practices to ensure the production of high-quality fish that are well-suited for private fisheries.

Whether you are looking for fingerlings to restock a small pond or larger fish for recreational fishing, we have the right options for you. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that all fish are carefully nurtured to promote their health and growth.

In addition to providing fish, we offer comprehensive services to support our customers throughout the stocking process. Our team can provide expert advice on fish selection, stocking densities, and habitat considerations to maximize the success of your stocking efforts. We also offer transportation services, ensuring that the fish reach their destination safely and efficiently.

NEW in 2024

Pond Forage and Mosquito control

Fathead Minnows $35 per Pound